Parish Council

The Parish Council is a group of parishioners who help the Pastor in his task of administration. This group of active parishioners is selected by the Pastor to address any administrative-pastoral issues related to the parish. Usually, a group of 6 people are elected by the pastor. The members of the Parish council serve as a consultative group that helps oversees administrative issues from the parish. This group meets monthly. conform organizations each have a representative, most often their President, on the council. The parishioners elect six "at Large" members as the Pastor arranges. They meet at the discretion of the Pastor, usually once a month. Members serve for three years. Anyone interested in serving on the Council may visit with the Pastor.

Councils & Committe

Finance Council

The role of the Parish Finance Council is to assist and advise the pastor in overseeing and controlling the financial affairs of the parish. Finance Council members are appointed from among willing parishioners, who are active in the parish. Also, this committee serves as a fundraising organizer.

“The pastor represents the parish in all juridic affairs in accord with the norm of law; he is to see to it that the goods of the parish are administered in accord with the norms of canons 1281-1288.”

Canon 537 introduces the Parish Finance Council as a mandated body having an advisory and consultative role with the pastor.

Members should be skilled in business and have a certain expertise in management, financial, accounting, legal, fundraising or other related fields.

Liturgy Committee

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, The word “liturgy” originally meant a “public work” or a “service in the name of/on behalf of the people... The liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; it is also the font from which all her power flows.” This committee is formed by all the ministry coordinators such as Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Sacristans, Choir Groups, Religious Education, and Ushers among others. This committee meets periodically with the pastor to organize the Liturgical events of the Parish. They present suggestions to the pastor to enrich the experience of catholic liturgical events.  This committee serves as a bridge between parishioners and the pastor in liturgical matters.