The Grotto


On December 9th, 1531, Our Lady appeared to an Aztec Indian named Juan Diego after he and his family were among the first natives to become Christian. It was no coincidence that she appeared that day, since it was the day the Spanish celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. She appeared to Juan Diego four times; and the fifth time she appeared to his uncle Juan Bernardino to whom she said that she wanted to be called: "Our Lady of Guadalupe, Health of the sick", and immediately he was healed.

She told Juan Diego:"…I am the merciful mother of all who live in this land; and all mankind, all of those who seek me, all of those who have confidence in me…". Since there were no boundaries in the American continent at that time, she meant all of the Americas. On October 12th 1960, Pope John XXIII named Our Lady of Guadalupe "Mother of the Americas" She is certainly our mother as she also told Juan Diego: "…Am I not here who am your Mother…". Let us all be entrusted to Our Lady of Guadalupe's care.